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  • 2016 Chinese Bridge Competition for Irish College Students  Saturday 16thApril 2016

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  • 2016 Spring Festival Gala

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  • BComm with Chinese Studies

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Latest News

UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland 10th Anniversary One-Week Celebration Widely Acclaimed

In News By Super User / Sep 30, 2016

With the popular Chinese folk song Jasmine and the enchanting violin concerto Butterfly Lovers, the UCD Confucius Institute 10th Anniversary Celebration was officially launched on September 24th 2016. The joint performance of the Renmin University Chamber Ensemble and the UCD Symphony Orchestra turned the night into a celebration of Chinese and western music, with such well-known pieces as My Hometown Palermo, Love on the land, A Tune of Homesickness and In the Hopeful Field. His Excellency Dr Yue Xiaoyong, Chinese Ambassador to Ireland, Professor Jin Nuo, Chairperson of Renmin University Council, Professor Andrew Deeks, President of UCD and 500 other guests attended the event. Director General of Hanban, Madam Xu Lin’s letter of congratulations was read at the beginning of the concert. Read more

2016-2017 Dublin Children’s Confucius Class Resumed

In News By Super User / Sep 11, 2016

Dublin Children’s Confucius Class welcomed nearly 160 new students on September 10th 2016. The new academic year saw 12 classes offering accurate grouping and systematic teaching based on children’s ages and Chinese levels. While teaching the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, the classes incorporate Chinese culture, traditions and talents in their teaching to create a relaxing and happy environment as well as excellent teaching and learning experience.   Read more

A Big Success of the Table Tennis Tournament between the Chinese Embassy in Ireland, UCD Confucius Institute and Chinese Enterprises in Ireland

In News By Super User / Sep 11, 2016

The Table Tennis Tournament of Mixed Doubles, organized by the Chinese Embassy in Ireland and supported by UCD Confucius Institute and Chinese enterprises in Ireland, was held on Sept 10th in Dublin. The tournament attracted 24 players from 12 teams representing the 3 parties. Read more

Shanghai Women’s Federation Delegation Visit UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland

In News By Super User / Sep 7, 2016

On September 6th, Prof Liming Wang, Director of the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, Prof Paul A Ward and Ms Krassimira Gormley welcomed the delegation from the Department of Women’s Rights and Interests Protection, Shanghai Women’s Federation headed by Deputy Director Haiying Cao. The two parties discussed matters in relation to the protection of women and children’s rights and interests. Read more

2016 Asian Economic Panel Conference in Dublin Hosted by UCD Confucius Institute

In News By Super User / Jun 28, 2016

The Asian Economic Panel (AEP) Conference was held successfully by UCD Confucius Institute in Dublin on June 21-23, 2016.  30 scholars and economists from America, Australia, China, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Phillips, UK and other countries attended the conference. Prof. Liming Wang, Director of Irish Institute for Chinese Studies at UCD and UCD Confucius Institute and Dr. Brendan Halligan, Chairman of Institute of International and European Affairs delivered the welcome address and opening remarks respectively. Read more

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